Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hi all  I should clarify  I am hoping this blog site might be a vehicle to allow us to continue dialogue re the books we are making    I expect it would be slow at first however if you have finished a book or such and can post it that would be good


  1. I'll post some photos etc shortly but wanted to let you know that once I can find a PO that isn't under water and a road I can drive down to get to it I'll send you my books AND WILLIS'S books. Yes, he finally finished them in my studio. Hooray! I thought I might see you at the CPM National Print Awards in Murwillumbah on Saturday so took them up there, but I'll stick them in the post instead. Sara x

  2. I have two books bound in buckram at home. They are wrapped in butchers paper and don't see much light these days. On their own they are a bit sad. They are books.